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I used to live in Shenzhen, China. So, you'll see that most of my websites relate to China. If you're physically located in the Dominican Republic I can meet with you, but only in Santo Domingo. I am eager to help you acheive your IT goals for this enchanting and friendly nation. Regardless of the type of website (or App, please see my page on mobile developement for more information) you're planning I'd love to help you get it done right the first time.

Many people just want a decent looking website that performs/loads fast for site visitors. Some people even just want a fast and cheap wordpress setup and then handle the rest from that point on their own: initial configurations can be the most difficult part of the process.

It is highly unlikely that you want to build a website which will involve a function or feature that I won't be able to create for you quite easily. Previously I made software and web apps that interfaced with government departments which required a high degree of complexity, accuracy and security. Below is a list of features you may want your website to perform/have:

For websites and web design development I use PHP and MySQL. (Everybody uses HTML and Javascript, so that's not an issue.) As to Javascript frameworks I choose to use the most popular Javascript framework out there: jQuery. PHP and MySQL are the most widespread website design/development languages/technologies in use today (2018). Indeed, more websites use PHP than any other server-side language. If a piano fell on my head next Monday and I died, you could find your replacement for me on Tuesday, easily. PHP and MySQL are also extremely stable and reliable technologies. Many frameworks and langauges come and go, contain tons of bugs at the start, and then work them out over time. Or, as is often the case, the latest shiny new language/framework just fizzles out completely, and then you've wasted some time/energy investing in this technology. For applications that run on your smartphone (i.e. Android phones and iPhones) I use C# and the Xamarin framework; please read more about app design and development services in the DR.

You can discuss your app or website idea with me for free, just visit my contact page and call or email anytime (If you do call first, please also send an initial email as well because when I work I normally like to turn all my phones off.)
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