Initial Configurations Are Half the Battle

For many people it is not worth their time to struggle with the various errors and "bugs" that can present themselves when you first set up and configure a Wordpress installation. There are hundreds of potential problems that can result from miscommunication between a given server's software and the code contained within Wordpress itself. These "communications" problems normally result from what could be described as "configuration mismatches". They range from permissions problems (see this blog post and video for an example) to the presence or absence of certain files which code relies on (i.e. code in one file "depends" on the existence of another file, a "dependency").

Price: $175.00 USD flat fee (payable upfront in one payment)

My all-in-one fast Wordpress setup package includes the following:

I assume that you either know how to "work" Wordpress (i.e. that you know how to use the Wordpress user interface yourself), or you will learn/teach yourself as you go along. Again, I will not be making the websites content for you: you will be on your own for that. I have some great free resources I can direct you to that can help you along these lines.
Solid Website Foundations Require
a Solid Programming Background
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