My Prices Are Very Competitive: My Expenses Are Lower; 30% Upfront to Start, Balance Due Upon Completion of Project/Site/App

The cost of living in America is almost always far higher than in the Dominican Republic. My fees are highly competitive, but not the lowest. My fees are easily 50% lower than those charged by US-based software shops.

You will pay a slight premium for the fact that I was born, raised and educated in America. However, I'd wager that there are other benefits besides those which stem from our having a fully-shared, common mode of communication.

Many people, and including "professionals", in third-world and non-democratic countries take a very short-term view of their transactions with others. This applies to interactions/transactions of almost all kinds, be they commercial in nature or otherwise. And this inlcudes Chinese business people (who have in their cities a standard living which is clearly above third-world conditions but lack a democracy). When people don't take the long-term view they often don't do things right the first time. With me you'll get it done right the first time, at the fee you we're originally quoted upfront.

Just Based on Expenses Alone,
I Can Charge 50% Less than
Other American Developers
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