There are Many Options these Days When it Comes to Networking: I'll Explain them Clearly

My charges for network repair and troubleshooting is the same as with computer hardware repair: a nonrefundable $15.00 USD diagnosis fee and then its "No Fix - No Fee" from there on out for a flat fee of $60.00 USD. However, with network repair I obviously will come out to your office or home premises (please tell me exactly where you are as there are some limits in this regard).

I also provide new office or branch office full set-ups for a flat fee ranging from $200.00 USD to $450.00 USD (normally it should be closer to the $200.00 figure if your office is not large). If you need to install a lot of multi-level/floor wiring that is another matter entirely, please call me to discuss your plans as I'll have locals come in for support.

There are great things that can be done through the combination of mobile apps and networks and other devices (inlcuding for example security cameras). The fancy-pants term for this is the "Internet of Things" (IOT). I personally just call it machines/devices talking to each other, in one way or another. Please view my page about mobile app development and give me a call to discuss your ideas for free.

Among the more traditional networking-related services I provide are:

Networking: the Sky is
the Limit These Days!
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