Spanish Language Websites, Reasonable Translation Fees

I have substantial experience in the process of obtaining translation of websites from English into local languages. I will use local, native Spanish translators to create the Spanish versions of your website (I discuss in greater detail why this is essential below). If you view the example websites under the "Samples" menu, you will see that six (6) of them involved fully-developed Chinese language versions. I know what it takes to seek out, negotiate with, and obtain excellent translations at reasonable prices.

The production of error-free and nuanced writing in any language requires a native speaker of that language. This is what is referred to as "langauge direction" in translation. Are you translating into your native language or into a second language (even you are "completely" fluent in that foreign language)? Even after years speaking a foreign language and living in-country, one's choice of words will lack the flair possessed by a mature and educated native speaker of that language. And it doesn't take too much analysis to see why: any native speaker has got at least a twenty-year headstart! Unless you're interpreting in a business context, where the two parties don't want to spend money on two interpreters, it is imperative to go with a native Spanish speaker if you're website is targeting Spanish speaking customers.
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