Apps for $1500 to $4000 USD, Flat Fees Available, 30% Down to Get Started

How fast I can complete your app project depends on how many other projects I have going at the same time, as well as how complex your app will be. Also, if you want to publish your app in the Apple app store in addition to the Google play store will make it take longer.

I use the C# programming language and the Xamarin Framework for App development on mobile phones/tablets and other devices (I used to use Cordova/Phonegap, but prefer Xamarin for performance).

There are many ways in which your server-based "cloud" app can communicate and interact with a hand-held mobile device app. You can have your phone scan bar code, print or validate QR codes which have been printed on tickets (for example at an event), control and/or display video or security cameras, really the sky is the limit.

Although the prices and fees involved with app development have been coming down, they are still more expensive than websites. As a general rule that holds true. Also, Apple enforces additional identity and authentication requirements as well as some "quality" requirements (normally not an issue for most app publishers/companies/individuals). You will often need to have or open an Apple developer account (which is $99.00 USD per year). Google does not have this requirement (just a one-time $25.00 USD fee).

You can discuss your app or website idea with me for free, just visit my contact page and call or email anytime. (PLEASE NOTE: If you do call first, please also send an initial email as well because when I work I normally like to turn all my phones off.)
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