In the DR, there are Still Many Industries which Have Yet to Feel the Footprint of the Tech Revolution

Although I am new to the Dominican Republic (just this year 2018; however, I've been communicating with my Santo Domingo girlfriend for a good bit longer than that over the internet), I can see that there are still quite a few opportunities to change and improve (or "disrupt" for the better, one could say) existing businesses and industries.

So, far I've had only good experiences, and I aim to keep it that way. I know the place is not perfect but there are so many good qualities here that I believe they far outweigh the bad. And even from the perspective of choosing a place for long term residence.

One opportunity I've noticed is that in both Spanish and English language SEO, the competition is low (relative to the United States and other more developed economies).

There are also unfilled needs in the area of security. Apps which communicate with security cameras whose streams are being analyzed by AI algorithms for the presence of movement or faces and people, could be very useful in this environment. Devices which turn on locks, activate alarms, and notify security of locations of breaches could be very useful here when hooked up to software which can detect the presence of moving human bodies inside a video stream.
Santo Domingo
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