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Apartment Search Site for Shenzhen, China
(hosted on my Hong Kong server, DR sites on my Miami Server)

Total Price: $1500 USD

This website is a free and open platform for Expats who search on Google for "apartment in Shenzhen" and other related search terms (you'll see I'm on Gogle's first page for the most common four or five search terms relating to renting an apartment in Shenzhen). I did not charge anyone anything for this and I just let it run on automatic pilot: I have not had to touch it in over a year and a half. I knew I could get on the first page for these search terms and at the time was super-keen to try out and test a number of fuctions and libraries within the PHP programming language (mostly those relating image and graphic manipulation performed on the server and at time of upload). So, I just made it; and I can customize it to suit the needs of your own Dominican Republic-related real-estate website (or other city, area or country).

If your website involves a database, it is often best to simply hire a programmer at the outset. Otherwise you'll put yourself in a pickle down the road when you discover that your "self-help" web developement skills are no match for the first true "bug" that arises on the server. For me their not bugs, nor even hiccups. There are some do-it-youself Wordpress plugins for real-estate and property websites out there: but I'd caution you against using them. When you've invested substantial time and energy in your site you're risking needing to start over and build from scratch when you discover that you can't solve a problem for yourself. Admit it: you're just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. I always have more respect for my clients after they have hired me. I have people who try to "inject" me into a problem at a low hourly rate and they are truly difficult to deal with. If you're coming to me to debug somebody else's website script/program I will need to spend the time to familiarize myself with it. Again, do yourself a favor: if you're going to be creating a website which rises above the level of "my fun vacation blog", just hire a computer programmer to program your website server and pages. I will then quote you a hosting fee per month to keep it maintained and free of bugs. That fee, under normal circumstances, is $10.00 USD per month (ten bucks a month).

I'd like very much to help you create a great real estate, property, homes, houses or apartments website. I believe there are quite a few opportunities out there still, and not just in the area of SEO for house/home and property related search queries directed towards the Dominican Republic. Also in the area of apps, security and the internet of things as it relates to homes.
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