Full-stack Developer
PHP, MySQL, jQuery, C#, Xamarin, Linux
Chinese (native fluency, written/spoken)
Portuguese (Fluent)
Spanish (Basic Reading and Listening)

From 2005 to 2010 I worked on numerous software projects involving county-level governments inluding developing applications for filing documents with courts. The types of applications and coding scenarios I currently encounter may be a bit less sophisticated (usually) than in my previous employment, they are still very exhilarating for me. And this is becoming even more the case in terms of mobile development. I enjoy being freed from completely impersonal coding and getting to guide the project as a whole.

Furthermore, complex CSS (which can certainly present itself a few times with virtually anyone's website) is itself a complex set of architectural principles. The various combinations of these priniciples, and how they affect each other, can be still be very challenging.
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