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English School: Online and "Brick and Mortar"
(hosted on my Hong Kong server, DR sites in Miami)

Total Price: $1500 USD

Most people who've thought a little bit about it, are bullish on the online English teaching industry.

This website included Paypal Payments Integration (view the page directly here) so that prospective and current students can pay not only with their Paypal accounts but with their Visa and Mastercards as well. Payments are listed on the website and Payment can even be made in Chinese currency. And they can use their local Chinese credit card to do this as well. Paypal then automatically converts payments made in other currencies into US dollars for you (and they are recieved by you in dollars on your website).

This site also included a backend full of downloadable items reserved only for those (in this case students and teachers) who have a username/password for the site. Owners and administrators of the site can create and manage users with ease. There are also different permissions implemented on the backend as between administrators and teachers/students. Administrators/owners can access certain pages which students can not. Although students must login to get access to a given day's courses's study materials, they can not access many pages which administrators have access to. Administrators can set student passwords, change usernames, delete or create new accounts: you name it, they can manage it easily from the backend user interface I wrote for them from scratch. Owners can create administrator accounts.

This site included:
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