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Audio Books for Kids in China
(hosted on my Hong Kong server, DR sites will be on a server in Miami)

Total Price: $1200 USD

This website involved the creation of a custom Javascript audio player (which you can view in action here). The man who had me make him this site pulls up a webpage in his browser during class and the kids are able to simultaneously read and listen to stories. It is free and open to students all over China.

This website is set up to take donations/payments through China's most popular payments provider: Wechat. The Wechat payments integration I did for this site allows website visitors to simply scan a QR code image embedded in the website and make a donation to him (see it in action here). Both the persons making the donation and the website owner have Wechat accounts which are linked to their bank accounts. All accounts are settled in Chinese currency (renminbi/yuan) only.

Please note: this website is designed to be viewed in a normal computer browser, as he did not want/need to automatically resize itself to fit other devices such as phones and tablets. Normally, I will quote you a price that always includes the mobile version of the website as well.
This site included:
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