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Database of Online-Readable Books
(hosted on my Hong Kong server)

Total Price: $1300 USD

This client is a long-time English teacher in the Shenzhen area who wanted his teachers to have access to authentic English language materials in classrooms across the globe.

The site included a database with over 10,000 books and it is searchable based on book topics.

Additionally, it included a login system with secured pages on the backend of the website which are only accessible to administrators. The book titles are searchable at any time by any user (including anonymous visitors to the website) but to read them a simple fee must be paid per year for access to over 10,000 titles.

The site included Paypal Payments Integration. So that the owner of the website does not have to spend time manually creating new users and passwords the system waits for signals received from Paypal regarding successful payments. Upon receiving a "payment successful" signal across the wire from Paypal a new user account is automatically created. That user can then login to the site and the book titles then become viewable/accessible in addition to searchable.
This site included:
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