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Total Price: $1300 USD

This is a combined online and physical (i.e. "brick and mortar") English language training center located in Los Angeles. The owner seeks to capture some of the growing market for online English lessons. He also is not limiting himself to Chinese students who wish to study English in California: he has very short pages in Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian as well. Over time he intends to create versions of his website in those languages as well. Los Angeles, as you are likely aware, attracts people from all over the globe from varied language backgrounds. It is a choice destination for language programs (and in part because of the beautiful weather).

One useful feature of Paypal Payments Integration on your website is that they often will accept credit cards from different locations and systems. For example, the most widely used credit cards and debit cards in China use the Yinlian system, not Visa and Mastercard. So get this: Paypal will let those foreign nationals use their own local country's credit card system (and cards) to pay you!

This school has a very extensive system of prices and programs, you can view their payments page here.
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