Greetings! Welcome to my Web Designer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic web design and App development site! I love the DR and wish I'd experienced it sooner! I'm eager to chat with you for free regarding your future website or application relating to the Dominican Republic. Please email me regarding your web design needs and we can set up a time to talk. In the future I plan to spend an increasing amount of time in the Dominican Republic and am eager to help you develop your online presence. Most of my sample websites can also be found at my main Shenzhen, China Web Designer and Developer Website.

Although this particular site is getting a bit long in the tooth, I'd like to give you an example of one I just made with some of the fanciest, modern technologies: Houses and Apartments for Rent and Sale in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. You can find land, villas, homes and apartments for sale in Puerto Plata. This site focusses on four aspects: a) the wicked fast and robust apartment/home search function on the front page, b) the exceedingly easy-to-use interface for uploading pictures and homes and apartments (and plots of land) for the real-estate agents, c) super-easy one-click sign ups and authentication through both Facebook and Google, and perhaps most important of all d) Google Cloud's Firebase platform is the global server/hosting provider. This last bit ensures security and scalability: I don't worry about configuring infrastructure, and it can scale to a million users without me needing to flip even one switch.

I've been a web and software developer for twelve (12) years and have a server in Miami and Hong Kong. There are a number of good reasons to host a website related to the DR in Miami (but more on that later). Many Android and iPhone Apps need to communicate with a server as part of the service and features they offer. It's essential that one have a single, central location where data updates are retrieved. For example, if you're operating a dating website, users phone apps will need to periodically communicate with the server for updates of photos and descriptions of new potential matches for them in their dating quest. You can learn more about the apps I can build for you on my page relating to Android and iPhone application development.
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In order to get things off the ground in terms of my web design and development company in Santo Domingo, I'm willing to build sites for less than I normally would. Although there are other developers who might charge slightly less (my prices are very competitive globally), they may also not be keenly interested in optimizing their server choices to serve customers/visitors some of whom are located in the Dominican Republic. Although I have previously built quite a few websites for business people who are invovled with China, I've come to be disproportionately focussed on the DR. This is reflected in where I've located my main server. I am investing heavily on DR-centric websites, Apps, and SEO. I have a server based in Miami so that users in both the Dominican Republic as well as the US can get fast page load speeds when they visit your website.

So, whether you're creating a hotel/motel website for Sosua, Santiago or Cabrera or a Santo Domingo dating website: please contact me!
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Although I can only meet with you in person if you are based in Santo Domingo, my intention is to make websites for cities in all parts of the Dominican Republic. I will also be providing SEO services for businesses owners who have websites targeting customers and website visitors both insdide and outside the Dominican Republic. As I'm sure you've heard, keywords and links are important. However, even more important is engagement (read more about how engagement will affect your search rankings related to the Dominican Republic here). Maybe you have a hotel in Sosua, Cabarete, Santiago, Puerto Plata or Punta Cana. I would love to help you make your hotel, motel or tourist related website.

If you're interested in reading up on how to get things done in Santiago, Dominican Republic you could give the following expat blog a try: Expats in Santiago, Dominican Republic. And further, you may be up just a bit north of Santiago in your travels, in which case you can find apartment rentals and homes sales easier to handle through this site: Real-estate Agent in Sosua, Dominican Republic, Property for Sale, Sosua
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